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Iron Horses

I rode the 9-11-13 ride From S.C. to Washington DC at night alone. This is what I saw the next morning as the sun began to rise. 

At 10.45 am 9-11-13 while going into Washington on I-95 I was able to shut down I-95.... briefly, but by God it did stop. 
That's what we went up there to do was shut Washington down. Did my job, tire in the fast lane.
Still got the 16 penny nail that did me in.
make a note: Don't every piss off the Bikers of America...
September 11, 2013 Washington, DC
 said we couldn't ride through their town to honor the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and the members of the military
called to serve after the attacks .....No permits for us but the musses got one.
but we did ride..... 1.2 million of us strong.
The '2 Million Bikers to DC' was started

           2 Millions Bikers to DC 
 motorcycle I rode to the event.
1997 FLSTC Made the 1100 mile trip to DC and back for 9-11-13 ride
chopper hard tail.jpg
 What I will ride next time.
imag0014.jpgWhat can I say.
Taking a break on the way home outside of Washington DC on I-95 South bound to Richmond, VA.
A little sign added so people would know what we the people just did in WASHINGTON DC on 9-11-13. 
I rode the center lane on
I-95 South and I-85 South for 11 hours. Lots of horns and thumbs up..
The news refused to cover it..
Just because they try to ignore us does not mean that they will be successful at it. 
State Links for next year SEE you there next year.
I was there and I counted 21 of them...21 of them-- HA..
The last Crusade kept the peace for better than 700 years.
Some older Harleys

My first Harley in the late 1960's looked
1958 panhead
like this but had a bigger seat with saddle bags and windshield.


1953my truck.jpg





 Second Harley in 1971 or so. 
1968 Harley Davidson bored with a 4 3/4 stroker.
1968 HD Stroker
54.jpg00354.jpgI drive this one every day.
00454.jpgMy 50' rat truck005t.jpg
And they all run...
       My first Leather Jacket
Night Hog mc South Carolina bottom rocker 1960's & early 70's. 
                                  Still riding it as of 2014
                       This is what I ride TO work

          These are what we ride AT work.
                    Third Harley
               Summer of 2011
          1997 Harley Davidson
  • Brand: Harley-Davidson
  • Model: Softail Heritage Classic
  • Production Year: 1997  
  • Engine Type: Evolution engine
  • Engine Size: 1338.00 ccm (81,23 cubic inches)  plus a few " now
  • Engine Horsepower: 55.00 HP 
  • Starter Type: Electric, No kick, knees gone! 
  • Transmission Type: Belt
  • Gearbox Type: 5 speed
  • Weight:  (695,41 pounds)  895.41 with me and tops out 1000 lbs. loaded.
  • Length: about 8 foot, 2 feet or so shorter than my other Harley.

Blew the motor, over heated trying to get around a dam bear. October 2011. Rebuilt and ready for Spring of 2012.










Looking back.
Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum
Elton Braswell (family), retired from the french foreign legion flag.jpegFrench Foreign Legion  ( Légion étrangère,) and is coming home now. He has died .. God Bless Him.
Another one of our Brothers in arms doing well..and keeping the faith, Is Ralf Bartzsch.
BACHI-KI-DO   Ralf Bartzsch is  9 Doan German Grand Master out of Berlin / Germany

 My International Brothers in Arms PMCS
 pictures/video below it. 
RECONDO VETS recondolbolt.jpg International recondo1.jpg  PMC Unit patch.
Hey Ralf,  I'm behind you and the Venezuelan & Canadian
on back row, right, short (black faceout) one. The good-old days,.
                                  (TOUR OF DUTY)                            
1983-90 Brothers in Arms  PMC - PSC - SCSDF - LEO.
                                   Recondo LRRPS unit        .

The Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP), established by the Army in 1985, paved the way for the extensive use of civilian contractors (PMC) in wartime and during other contingencies. Made PMC'S legal...

  Berlin / Germany

support recondo vet.jpg 

Need Work? The number of armed contractors is rising.
The DoD says it sees “similar dependence on contractors in future.”
There are 250,000 contractors PSC fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Some great products worth looking at or into. There is always a chance for another Hurricane Katrina, ice storm, or loss of power.
Includes 2 ASC 10" x 12" Level III Trauma Plates!!
AR500 Armor offers multiple carrier packages intended for use in a variety of scenarios from Emergency to Duty!
All Carriers are fully adjustable from Medium to XXL!
This is a complete ready to go rig including AR500 Trauma Plates, Universal Pistol Holster, M4 / AR15, AK47 Magazine Pouch, and Universal Pistol Magazine Pouch.
 These trauma plates will take and stop a 30-06 just to give you some idea as to how hard they are.
just in case..
Pocket EPIKs  $29.00
ar500_armor_pocket_epik.jpgEmergency Personal Injury Kit (EPIK) IFAK
Of course,......... these and all other fish moxs, are for fish know !! 
Fish Mox (Amoxicillin) 250mg 30 ctThese 250 mg Amoxicillin cost me about $7.00 for a 30 count bottle.
All of the medicines Fishmox carries are NON-PRESCRIPTION antibiotics.
They are the same USP grade antibiotics produced by pharmaceutical companies for human use. 
Every capsule or tablet is labeled, imprinted, and often color-coded with a special code that can be used to identify the strength and type of the antibiotic by performing a simple internet search.
sawyerwaterfilter.jpg b00fhradq2_img2.jpgFilters a 100,000 gals of water. Fits in your hand.
 Nearly impossible for harmful bacteria, protozoa, or cysts like E. coli, Giardia, Vibrio cholerae and Salmonella typhi to pass through.
That means you can drink directly from any natural water source. Lakes, streams, rivers, brooks and so on.
No need to carry extra water & weight.
S.O.S. Rations 3600 Calories - 3 days of food.
Great while your out hunting or other what-ever.
s o s rations emergency 3600 3 day.jpg(in)4.75(h)x4.35(w)x2(d) & 1.6 lbs.
1 pack has 9 individually wrapped bars and is 3 days worth of food. 
$4.99 to $5.30 to $5.70 each, per 9 pack delivered, would be a good price. 5 years shelf life.

There are 12,000 carjackings every year in this country, or that someone is assaulted every nine seconds, then those are quite sobering statistics.
smith-wesson-mp-shield_001.jpgS&W  M&P Shield 9MM & 40 Cal. Only 0.98 inch at wide at fattest point, and only 19 oz.
     Palmetto State Defense, LLC
palmetto defense force m4.jpg
Made by hand 1 at a time.
1514 S. Hwy 14, Unit B
Greer, SC, 29650
palmetto state defense
(864) 469-9875
Noreen Firearms also hand made 1 at a time.

BN36 - LONG RANGE  (.270 | .25-06 | .30-06 - or 7mm - 300 magnum.) With 20 round mag.


Won't lose my gold ring now...permanent tat !
Gold wedding band tattoo