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Carolina Cottonseed Mealcake

We make, sale and ship Carolina CottonSeed MealCake across the U.S.A.    

 Cottonseed mealcake slab's are cut up and shipped Flat Rate by USPS

We ship ton's, yes, ton's of mealcake by flat rate mail every year.

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Cottonseed Mealcake Products
Items or shipped using U.S.P.S TO ANYWHERE IN THE U.S.A.
All Items listed are sold by the cake and not weight. Because mealcakes will vary in size and weight just a bit by their own make up & or by cutting them. We will error toward the bigger sizes.
Stores interested in carrying Our products, may e-mail us with your Company Information.    
You can reach us by any one of these E-Mails below for more Information. 
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