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Hash Kettles

Here are a few South Carolina Hash pot/kettles we have used over the years to cook our Carolina hash ..
Non of our hash/stew pot's are for sale.
Hash or Stew, Hash Kettle/Pots

hash or stew pot.jpg
8 Gal Stainless Steel Kettles
These small size stew  pot are great for cooking small ( 20 or 30 qt. ) amounts  of Hash or Stews. 
15 gal. Kettle.jpg15 Gal Hash or Stew Kettle     
20_gal.jpg20 gal. Hash Pot
    60 kettle side view.jpg60 gal Hash or Stew Kettle 
   60 GAL KETTLE BACKSIDE.jpg60 Gal hash or stew Kettle
  80_pound_hog_cooker.jpg80-100 pound hog box cooker. We make these at the ranch.